WarGods Reborn

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WarGods Reborn

Wargods Reborn is the new version of the wonderful WarGods WoW.
WarGods is a 3.3.5 fun server, balanced between the old school fun server and the new generation.
Because we focus on quality and content, here are some of the benefits you have if you sign up for WarGods Reborn.

- Over 50.000 Custom Item
- Epic Custom Commands for players
- VIP System
- Epic World Chat System
- Support NPC
- All Expansions Transmogs Sets and Weapons
- Racing Cars
- Visual NPC
- Character Change
- All Titles Ingame
- Custom Instances / Quests
- Custom Maps
- PVP Quests
- Exchange Quests
- Honorable NPC's
- World Bosses
- Leveling -Big Zone-
- Custom Events
- Custom Ranks
- Custom Duel Reset
- Gilneas Mall
- Dueling Zone
- Graveyard
- Active and Friendly Staff

And much more

Website Features :

- Online Teleporter
- Do you want to be Rich ? Then you can buy a Lamborghini with Vote Points !
- Updated Shop
- Vote Rewards for Top Voters
- More features will come soon !

What are you waiting for ? Come and join us, and lets play together !

Website : https://wargods.eu/
Discord : https://discord.gg/4k5qKWQjsj

What is the website link of the WarGods Reborn WoW server?

The website link of the WarGods Reborn WoW server is https://topservers.com/out-2831. To make it simpler to visit the WarGods Reborn website, we added the clickable link at the left side panel of this server page.

The link was published by the server owner, so if you wish to visit their website, please do so at your own risk.

Where the WarGods Reborn server is located?

The WarGods Reborn server is located in the France. With the server located in the France, users from the France can expect the lowest latency and highest performance, providing the best WoW experience.

When was the WarGods Reborn server added to TopServers?

The WarGods Reborn WoW server was added to the TopServers WoW category on March 16, 2022, at 11:10 am, by user WarGodsWoW.

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