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Honour MU Online

Yo, fellow gamers! Sick of the same old lame online games? Well, don't sweat it because we've got the cure - INAUGURATION - 06.06.2020! Our site, honour-mu.com, is hooking you up with some sick FREEBIES like Kundun boxes and credits! And that's not even the half of it, we've got chill GMs and dope events that'll keep you hyped! But hold up, there's more! Our MU Online version is SEASON 6 with an exp rate of x500 and item drop of 50%.

And check this out, for every reset, you get a whopping 500 stat points! We've got different membership levels like Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, so you can ball out at whatever level you're at. But wait, there's still more! We've got a sick community of players that'll have your back and keep you coming back for more.

What is the website link of the Honour MU Online?

The Honour MU Online website link is https://honour-mu.com/. You can find all the information you need about the server there.

Don't forget that you can also find the Honour MU Online server among other great Mu Online servers in our Mu Online Private Servers top list.

Where the Honour MU Online server is located?

Honour MU Online server is located in Canada, so if you're playing from there, you should expect a low latency and a smooth experience. If you're playing from other countries, you might experience some lag, but it shouldn't be too bad.

When was the Honour MU Online server added to TopServers?

The Honour MU Online server was added to the TopServers Mu Online category on June 3, 2020, at 7:16 pm, by user Alik_Rzayev.

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