Rustic Ruins 5x Server
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Country United States
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Yo, gamers! You gotta check out our Discord server @ We got some sick features on our server that'll make your gaming experience lit! First off, we got raidable bases that'll keep you on your toes. You never know when someone's gonna come and try to take your stuff.

But don't worry, we also got kits and backpacks to help you out. And if you're feeling lucky, we got MyMini and killstreaks to give you an edge over your enemies. Crafting and smelting can be a pain, but not on our server. We got quick smelt and instant craft to make your life easier.

And if you're looking for some extra rewards, check out our rewards shop. You can earn some sweet loot just by playing the game. But watch out for the Bradley guards and pilot eject. They'll make your life a living hell if you're not careful. And if you're feeling brave, try out the Z-levels.

It'll take your gaming skills to the next level.

What is the Rustic Ruins 5x Server IP?

The Rustic Ruins 5x Server IP is; this IP is the address you'll need to enter in the Rust client to connect to the server.

It's easy to make a mistake, so if you're having trouble connecting, double-check that you're using the correct Rustic Ruins 5x Server IP, which is

Where the Rustic Ruins 5x Server is located?

Rustic Ruins 5x Server is located in United States, so if you're playing from there, you should expect a low latency and a smooth experience. If you're playing from other countries, you might experience some lag, but it shouldn't be too bad.

When was the Rustic Ruins 5x Server added to TopServers?

The Rustic Ruins 5x Server was added to the TopServers Rust category on December 25, 2021, at 5:35 pm, by user salientKill.

The Rustic Ruins 5x Server information was updated on December 25, 2021, at 6:02 pm.

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