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Yo gamers! Check out AmazonSro, the ultimate Play2Win server with a sick system of Uniques and Coins! This server is on another level with a Degree of 12th, Cap of 120, and CHN Mastery of 360 and EU Mastery of 240. You can choose between CHN and EURO races and battle it out in the Fortress of Jangan.

And guess what? CTF is enabled! But wait, there's more! You can even go up to Max Plus 12 without Advance! That's right, no need to worry about those pesky instructions numbers. This server is all about the thrill of the game and the satisfaction of winning. So what are you waiting for? Join AmazonSro now and dominate the competition! And if you think that's all, think again! AmazonSro has a smooth gameplay and a friendly community that will make you feel right at home.

Plus, the GMs are always active and ready to help you out with any issues you may encounter.

What is the website link of the AmazonSro?

The AmazonSro website link is You can find all the information you need about the server there.

Don't forget that you can also find the AmazonSro server among other great Silkroad Online servers in our Silkroad Online Private Servers top list.

What is the AmazonSro Discord?

If you're looking for a Silkroad Online community of players to play with, then you should definitely join the AmazonSro discord! You can find the invitation link at

The AmazonSro discord is a great place to meet other players, discuss about the Silkroad Online and get support. Joining the AmazonSro discord is also a great way to stay up-to-date with all the latest server news and events.

Where the AmazonSro server is located?

AmazonSro server is located in Germany, so if you're playing from there, you should expect a low latency and a smooth experience. If you're playing from other countries, you might experience some lag, but it shouldn't be too bad.

When was the AmazonSro server added to TopServers?

The AmazonSro server was added to the TopServers Silkroad Online category on February 1, 2023, at 12:32 am, by user amazonsro.

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